Our mission at Flobinna House of Fashion is to create an apparel company that can offer superior design, quality and value to the consumer. We will accomplish this by being committed to offering great service and real value to our business partners and consumers. We will provide a pleasant, fair and diverse environment, allowing our associates to grow in their careers and experience constant improvements in their lifestyle.

With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, we make it our priority to uphold your self-esteem and provide you with the best quality braided wigs, thereby eliminating the fear of purchasing inferior products online.

Our vision  is to bring the aesthetic tribal prints of Africa to life.  Our brand focuses on men’s and women’s clothing, kids wears, in addition to an exclusive collection of hand braided wigs. By empowering innovation and design to provide total customer satisfaction.

We strive to be a caring and well-managed organization for our business partners ,customers and employees, and a responsible corporate citizen to our society.

Flobinna’s fashion brand focuses on custom handmade clothing. All fabrics are of the highest quality and purchased from several African countries. Our customers are therefore, outfitted with genuine high-quality styles. These items include dresses, bomber jackets, jump suits , blazers etc.

Accessories are also hand crafted where base products are sourced from various African countries. Some accessories are designed from remaining cloth that were used to sew outfits; this unique approach offers a one-type product to our customers. These items include, bags, jewelry, ties etc.

Paintings & Sculptures; we offer unique hand-crafted paintings and sculptures that add a unique in home and office fashion statement.

Beauty: Our beauty products include handmade custom waist beads, hand crafted braided wigs and eye lashes etc.

Health: Our health care option offers a unique blend of soaps, Seamoss and beard oils etc.


Muumuu Dresses

Our beautiful muumuu dresses are; Feminine, Effortless and Free-flowing. The lightweight fabrics are tailored for maximum comfort and motion, making them an ideal spring, summer, or fall outfit. In addition to that, the fabrics and colors are also designed in bold floral patterns. They are individually crafted so you can have one for every occasion. Our muumuus are slight structure not to feel restrictive, while providing a gorgeous feminine look that's always in style.

The awesome thing about our muumuu dresses is how easy they are to wear. Going out to brunch with the ladies? Simply throw on a muumuu sundress in a bright color for a quick and stylish outfit. Heading to the store or spending a day shopping? Or going to a wedding or bridal shower? Put on one of our rhinestones stoned muumuu dresses. They give you the freedom to go wherever the day takes you, and with the fabric, you'll stay cool and fresh all day long. With so many fun fashion options out there, we should never have to settle for boring clothing.

All our Stunning muumuu dresses comes ankle-length, some comes with rhinestones and are usually one size fit all. However, we carry sizes for our sexy plus size women. Every superwoman needs a muumuu in her closet. No matter your style, you can find the muumuu for you right here at Flobinna House of Fashion. We know you'll love the comfort and ease of this essential (and beautiful) wardrobe staple.

Bomber Jackets

Our beautiful and colorful prints on bomber jackets are very trendy. They are perfect for those chilly summer nights or those cold train rides. The colors may be bold and bright, but there is no easier piece of clothing to pull it off on, than a bomber jacket. Flobinna House of Fashion bomber jackets combines the colors and geometrics of 100% cotton materials with a fashionable cut making the fabric the star.

Feel and look amazing in our individually hand-crafted bomber jackets and perfect your distinctive look with a bright and lively fabric. It can be worn with dresses, leggings, skirts, shorts, pants, jeans, etc. However, you can uptrend the bomber jacket by leaving the jeans behind and going for a cool, clean casual look. Dare to be bold and stylish this season. Stand out from the crowd. Bring a bit of sunshine to your closet. Start a new trend at your office. Wear our World!

Every Flobinna House of Fashion Bomber Jacket comes with longneck, twin side pockets, front zip, and elastic timings. The outer fabric is made of 100% cotton, and the Inner Lining is made of 100% Polyester.

They are also unisex and available in all sizes including kids.



Flobinna House of Fashion Kimono-style jackets are T-shaped, straight-lined robes with attached collars and long, short or wide sleeves. These gorgeous and colorful fabric styles come in three different lengths; the short length stops directly below the waist, the three-quarters length is mostly knee-length and the long length goes all the way to the floor.

Kimono means “things to wear” and also originated from Japanese. Recently, the wearing of these colorful fabrics has become viral and very trendy; every lady seems to have one or two kimonos in their wardrobe. This is largely because it allows for creativity and can be easily carved into stylish designs.

Our kimono jackets are so versatile that they can be worn with different outfits. They are mostly paired with body fitted outfits, gown, pants, skirt, shorts, tank top, jeans, leggings and much more. Anyhow you feel you want to rock them, it is guaranteed to look amazing and the good news is that they are suitable as casual or formal outfits. It can be a fashion statement whichever way you choose to combine it with the rest of your outfit.

Flobinna House of Fashion kimono jackets are very sexy and hip. If you are yet to have them in your closet, hop into this style and trend by adding some of these classy, stylish and glamorous pieces of clothing into your closet.

Blazers & Vests

Our famous beautiful and colorful prints are 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. These vibrant patterned fabrics permit you to switch style at will, from a simple street-savvy look to smart formal-appropriate look, very easily. This makes it ageless and flexible.

Our individually hand-made motif Blazers and Vest compliments most shoulder and hip sizes. Our brighter and lighter shades on a darker base would adjust your shape leaving your outlook distinguished and outstanding. It’s a great wear for all to have because of its transitional nature, being easily worn during the work week and on Saturday nights.

Flobinna House of fashion Blazers and Vest are tailored with a neatly sewn shawl lapel. We pay attention to every detail including, single button, side flap pockets, sleeve buttons and upper breast pockets, to fit and make you look chic and well dressed. We sell a broad selection of blazer suits that are sourced with great care and are mainly vibrant trendy designs.

We stand behind the supreme quality of our Blazers and vests and know you cannot go wrong with wrong with wearing any from our dynamic collections.

Female Tops

All our tops are individually hand crafted. If you are Looking for some stylish, colorful and trendy tops to wear with your shorts, Jeans, Trousers, or something sexy to wear with your pleated, high waisted or pencil Skirts, then look no further than our stylish, gorgeous tops. Here at Flobinna House of Fashion, we have fabulous top style or design for every occasion. Be it a simple and comfortable everyday style, a brunch date, a bridal shower, or a wedding event, the exquisite styles of our tops provide unlimited choices. We have the crop tops, peplum tops, spaghettis straps, four-way capes, off-shoulder, etc., in styles that is guaranteed to help take your styles to the next level.

Our fabrics are made from 100% cotton and when woven tightly, is hard to wear and tear. These beautiful tops will give you a stunning look in any setting or occasion in its multifunctionality. With the right understated accessories and by adding gorgeous pumps and appropriate jewelries, you can effortlessly turn it into another level.

Unisex Tops

Whatever the season, you can enjoy the comfort of pure cotton with our unisex pattern tops, from collared necks to roll necks, to long, three- quarter or short sleeved tops for every modern man or woman. Whether you need a comfortable base layer under your jacket, or something to pair with your favorite shorts, skirts, jeans or pants, we offer bright colors, all day comfort and a relaxed fit to suit everybody, shape and size.

At Flobinna House of fashion, our Unisex tops are renowned for their trendy fashion styles. The individually unique touch we bring to our unisex top collections will always make you standout in any crowd. Don’t delay anymore; it’s time to go shopping!




Frontal Lace Braided Wigs

  • Are you looking for where to purchase quality braided wigs?
  • Are you new to wearable braided hairs and not certain of the perfect choice?
  • Are you a lady who doesn't have time to get to the saloon?
  • Do you have a busy schedule all week long and still want that awesome hair?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. Every woman is beautiful, but there is always that special look that makes one's beauty pop. This is the sole aim of our actuality, we offer quality premium braided wigs at a very affordable rate. Flobinna Frontal lace braided wigs is individually handmade because every woman deserves a durable, luxury, stylish, suitable and affordable look. With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, we make it our priority to uphold your self-esteem and provide you with the best quality braided wigs, thereby eliminating the fear of purchasing inferior products online.

Our pride, joy and satisfaction come from every one of our customers, making us feel we are not just any other wig vendor but a brand making a difference and putting smiles on people's faces. Flobinna Frontal lace braided wigs are natural looking hand braided wigs are made with premium synthetic Kanekalon fiber, and a soft breathable lace base that blends with all skin tones giving the illusion of braided hair.

All of our braided wigs are made with frontal lace that displays natural edges and baby hair. Flobinna hand-braided wigs look very full and are average weight, hence, wearing them feels similar in weight as you would typically get your hair braided into either box braids, twisted or cornrows styles with extensions. Each of our handmade braided wigs currently comes in 3 different styles; Box Braids, Micro Twists, and Cornrow braided wigs. The average box braided and twisted wigs are roughly about 3lbs in weight, and the average Cornrow wig is about 1lb in weight.

Flobinna Frontal lace braided wigs require little to no effort to manage and offer a wide range of styling options, such as side partings, high ponytails, up-dos and buns and lots of other natural looking styles. Our braided wigs have become a viral trend and for a very good reason. They are guaranteed to last up to 3 years if you follow and implement the appropriate care instructions. Each of our fabulous braided wigs come in a stunning box with a silk interior to protect it and a manual with information about the appropriate care instructions.



Our ties and bowties are made with beautiful and colorful Afrocentric fabrics and is 100% cotton. The color intensity of the front and back is the same. It is handmade and can fit everyone. At Flobinna House of Fashion, we pride ourselves in creativity so our bowties/ties can be worn to parties, shopping, school, wedding, work, club, cocktail, night, or casual everyday wear.

The bowties can come in either a clip-on (pre-tied, adjustable neck size straps, and a metal hook) or self-tie. The neck length of our bowties has an adjustable 15-18 inches, with total length going up to 38 inches. The total length of our skinny ties is about 60 inches.

If you are trying to take your casual dress shit look to that crisp look, style it with one of our sexy bowtie or skinny ties. We guarantee you will stand out in the crowd!



Debisi's Collections

These are sexy and unique collections of different styles that are individually handmade from our sister company Debisi Beauty Lounge.

There are a variety of items; Skirts, Dresses and Unisex Shorts. The Dresses comes as one size fits most. The shorts come in medium and large sizes. The Skirts comes in all sizes.

All these styles are only available for a limited time only and once they are sold out, they are gone.



Natural Sea Moss

At FloWynz, We are committed to provide the most superior sea moss products. This is accomplished with our stringent quality control and commitment to ethical, sustainable harvest and processing.

Our Sea Moss brand is Wildcrafted, Irish Sea Moss and it comes in two different forms; the (Raw) Unprocessed form and the Processed (Gel) form. Sea Moss has about 92 of the 102 essential minerals we need to survive.

Below are some of the benefits of taking Sea Moss daily;

    • It’s heart-healthy.
    • Increases Energy.
    • Helps In Fighting Prostate Enlargement.
    • Promotes Weight Loss.
    • Good Source of Iodine & Fiber.
    • Boosts Immunity.
    • Promotes Healthy Skin.
    • Helps Expel Mucus from Body.
    • Cleanses The Blood.
    • Prevents Kidney Stones.