Micro-Twist Braided Wigs

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We offer the best online prices on our selection of braided hair wigs. These Braided wigs fit most head sizes. The Categories  are; Micro Twists, Cornrows braids and Box Braids. They come with Lace Closures and are Available in Black, Purple, Blue, Brown etc. They are all Handmade, with Lace Front and Baby Hair made sorely for our Fashionistas.

All of our braided wigs are made with frontal lace that displays natural edges and baby hair. Flobinna hand-braided wigs look very full and are average weight, hence, wearing them feels similar in weight as you would typically get your hair braided into either box braids, twisted or cornrows styles with extensions. Each of our handmade braided wigs currently comes in 3 different styles; Box Braids, Micro Twists, and Cornrow braided wigs. The average box braided and twisted wigs are roughly about 3lbs in weight, and the average Cornrow wig is about 1lb in weight.

Flobinna Frontal lace braided wigs require little to no effort to manage and offer a wide range of styling options, such as side partings, high ponytails, up-dos and buns and lots of other natural looking styles. Our braided wigs have become a viral trend and for a very good reason. They are guaranteed to last up to 3 years if you follow and implement the appropriate care instructions. Each of our fabulous braided wigs come in a stunning box with a silk interior to protect it and a manual with information about the appropriate care instructions.