What Is A Unisex Top?

We get a lot of questions about the Unisex Top we offer. So what is a Unisex Top? A Unisex Top is simply a shirt that is not specific to any sex or gender. It is unfitted.

Have you ever been given a shirt at a conference, a race, or an event? The shirts that are usually given out are Unisex Top . They are about as basic as they come.

How Does A Unisex Tops Fit?

You may be wondering why we put men’s Top and Unisex Top into the same category. We do this because the Unisex Top is actually quite similar to a men’s shirt. A Unisex Top features a straight cut, which is nearly identical to the men’s cut. It is unfitted and not meant to hug a woman’s shape. This can be a great thing for some women, but an undesirable thing for others.

Let’s take a look at the fit on some products.

Short Sleeve Checkered-Print


Long Sleeve Checkered-Print


Short Sleeve Checkered-Print

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