4 Wash Tips for Bonnet

Have you ever thought how you should wash your bonnet? We’ve simplified it for you with these four steps.

1. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WASH MY BONNET? You should wash your bonnet at least every two weeks. If you use a TON of products and your bonnet is covered in a ton of products, you may want to switch to once a week.

2. WHAT SHOULD I WASH MY BONNET WITH? We recommend sticking to detergents formulated for sensitive skin to prevent forehead breakouts or rashes from heavily scented soaps. For an incredibly mild wash, consider hand washing with a combination of castile soap and baking soap. Hang to dry.

3. ARE THERE ANY PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE WHEN WASHING MY BONNET? If you tend to use a lot of greasy formulas, consider a separate wash from your clothes to prevent any potential stains.

4. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I CHANGE MY BONNET? There’s really no specific time frame for replacing your bonnet, but, if you go through a serious hair issue involving an allergic reaction or a fungal or bacterial issue, wash frequently and replace your caps often.

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