How to Wear a Cross Body Bag

Cross-body bags are a timeless accessory that compliment an array of outfits. Pair your cross-body bag with different coats, shirts, and dresses to form different outfits. Experiment with different bag positions and strap lengths to create different looks. Be creative and express your own personal style!

Wear a bright bag with a dark outfit to make your bag stand out. This is a great way to accentuate the colours and patterns of your bag. For example, a yellow or turquoise bag would look great over a navy or black coat. This is perfect for casual occasions and can help to make your outfit look fun and cheerful.

  • To create a similar look, wear a dark bag over a bright outfit

Choose a bag that’s the same colour as your top if you want it to blend in. This is a great option if you are wanting a subtle and streamlined look. Choose a bag that has a strap and body that is a similar colour to your coat, dress or shirt.

  • A navy blue bag over a navy blue dress or suit would be a great outfit to wear to a business event

Wear the bag over a loose-fitting outfit to accentuate your figure. The strap on your cross-body bag sits across your chest and pulls your shirt or dress toward your body. This showcases the shape of your body and can help to make your outfit more flattering. Wear the bag with any outfit that is a little more loose fitting than you want.

  • For example, wear a red cross-body bag over an over-sized leather jacket for a fitted, grunge look.
  • A cross-body bag with a dress can give you a more boho look.

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