Maintenance guide for Your Braided Wigs

Our Braids wig last for over 2 years however requires very low maintenance.

To get good value for your money, I filmed this very detailed video on how to maintain your braided wigs.

Here’s a picture of the major products/items I used

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Large tooth comb or Hair brush
  4. Hair spray
  5. Hair mousse
  6. Clean towel
  7. Large bowl
  8. Water.
  • Wash your wigs in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo.  Never wash wigs in steaming hot water as this can cause the braids to look chapped
  • Dip the ends of braids into hot water to enable straighter tips.
  • Always moisturize with pil sheen, hair spray or mousse, after washing your wigs to enable it look supple and shinning.
  • Do not use any form of heated equipment at close range on your wigs.  This includes hair dryers.  Remember that your wig is made of synthetic, heat can make it melt.
  • Do not sleep in your braided wigs because this can cause the tips to tangle.
  • Always hang your braid wig when not it use.  Do not tie it in a nylon bag or fold for too long. Always keep it in an airy place.
  • Take care of your natural hair underneath.  Remember to loosen the weaves, wash and remake every 2-3weeks.
  • Do not allow your wigs to become damp frequently as this will cause them to become a bacteria breeding ground.

If you adhere to the following, your braided wig will serve you for a very long time..

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