Head Wraps Care Instructions

Make sure to read your washing label attached to the inside of your head wrap. Yes, most of the time you may just throw everything together in the wash and hope for the best but you do not want to be doing this with your headscarf! So, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Hand wash your delicate head wrap

If you have a particularly delicate headscarf then it is probably a good idea to hand wash it instead of putting it in the washing machine. Use cold water and a gentle fabric softener to wash your head wrap, rubbing it gently in the solution. Then once clean, either put it on a rack dryer or place it onto a towel and allow it to air dry. This will ensure you don’t get any heat damage or loss of gems and it will help your head wraps stay in great condition for as long as possible.

Let your head wrap air dry

Whilst some head wraps are ok to put in the tumble dryer, we advise that you instead let them air dry. If your headscarf contains anything like elastic then tumble drying it could dry the elastic out and cause it to break. This is something you want to avoid happening, so make sure you have a backup headscarf and allow your washed one’s extra time to dry out naturally.

Getting rid of lint and hairs

Head wraps like most items of clothing can get lint or hair on them over time, especially if not looked after properly. Luckily these are easy things to fix and can be removed but using a lint roller or using cello tape! Just wrap four fingers in cello tape making sure the sticky side is facing away from your fingers and there you have your lint remover!

Keeping your head wrap in shape

If your head wrap has gone out of shape for any reason or if it is creased after washing then using a hand steamer is a great way to get it back to normal. Just make sure to check your head wraps label to ensure using heat is ok.

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