Wardrobe Essentials We Couldn’t Live Without

1. Bomber Jackets

Every wardrobe needs a bomber jacket. They’re the ultimate unbiased essential, transgressing age and gender and available in an array of styles – there’s literally something out there to suit every shape and size.

A bomber jacket is a piece of outerwear that generally follows these rules:

  1. A wraparound collar
  2. Tight wrist cuffs
  3. A tight waist usually achieved through an elasticated band
  4. Bulky and insulated arms
  5. Zipper closure

2. A blazer

Need to dress up your most casual outfit? Just add a Nnaemeka’s blazer! Think of it as your last-minute-meeting/dinner invitation saviour, if you will.

If you’re feeling flush, invest in a Nnaemeka design – the designer is beloved for her beautifully-cut versions available in a rainbow of colours.

3. Maxi Skirt

The answer to your Monday morning wardrobe black.

So easy and suitable for all seasons: under a jumper in winter, a blazer in spring, alone in summer. You get the picture.

Keep it crisply ironed and wash with a touch of bleach every now and then for optimal brightness.

4. MuuMuu Dress

We’d need a Mummu dress amongst our items – preferably one we can dress up and down with equal ease. We would say the little black dress but that would not be true to my aesthetic in any way. We don’t have legs for days or the body type to pull off a little black dress confidently, but we do have a gorgeous lace dress that we dress down with boots in the winter and dress up with stilettos in the summer. It is perhaps my most versatile piece of clothing. Invest in a dress you can pair a smart jacket with. Keep it simple so you have room to accessorize to fit the occasion.

5. A Cap Top

Clothing doesn’t come much more classic than the cap top.

Made a must-have by Gabrielle ‘ Coco’ Chanel, who spotted it on sailors while holidaying on the French Riviera and made it a part of her 1917 collection, it is truly timeless.

Checkered-Print With Rhinestones Embellishments. Can Be Worn 4 Different Ways: Skirt, Off-shoulder, Sleeve-Less & One-Sleeve

It’s beauty lies in the fact it can be dressed up or down – it’s truly multipurpose.

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