Scrub Caps

Colourful Scrub Caps and Single-Use Scrub Caps

Scrub caps are a part of medical protective clothing and should prevent germs from the hair or scalp of Scrub personnel from contaminating the operating area. With Flobinna, you will find both, reusable Scrub caps and practical, single-use Scrub caps.

Scrub Caps for Surgeons & Scrub Personnel

Scrub caps are an important element of a surgeon or nurse’s Scrub scrubs and are considered to be a necessary piece of personal protective clothing. They are put on in the scrub room before entering the operating theatre and then later removed in the scrub room, as well. Scrub caps serve to prevent contamination of the operating field from microorganisms that originate in the personnel’s hair or scalps. In order to fulfill this purpose, it is important for the Scrub cap to cover the entirety of the user’s hair. 

Not only do Scrub caps protect the patient, but they also prevent the operating team from being contaminated by potentially infectious substances.

Colourful Reusable Scrub Caps

The colourful cotton Scrub caps that one might recognise from American TV shows, are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Many of our Scrub caps are available in a wide range of solid colours, like blue, black, green or navy, or with various floral and other tie-dye motif prints if you do not care for the solid white, green, pink or blue designs. At Flobinna, you will find a variety of colourful Scrub caps that are “Made in USA”, as well as others that are also available in bandana or bouffant styles; all offered at affordable prices.

Single-Use Scrub Caps

Unlike the cloth used for reusable Scrub caps, single-use Scrub caps are most often made from a light, non-woven fabric. These scrub caps are simply disposed of after use, eliminating reprocessing costs and making them an economically interesting alternative.

Single-use Scrub caps are available in many variations for different users. From the exact-fit of the Scrub cap for short hairstyles to bouffant-style caps for users with longer hair and even astronaut caps for covering the entire head and ear regions, Flobinna offers you the proper single-use Scrub cap to meet your needs.

Conveniently Order Scrub Caps from Flobinna

Flobinna provides you with a comprehensive selection of single-use Scrub caps and reusable scrub caps at affordable prices. All of our available Scrub caps provide a high level of protection for both, the user and the patient and are ideal for use during all types of operations. These are only one part of the entire outfit; therefore, we also offer you a wide selection of scrubs and scrub suits for use in the operating theatre, as well as men’s, women’s and unisex scrub tops and bottoms for use in all other areas of your healthcare facility.

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