Face Shield


  • This Is Only For The BOLD And BEAUTIFUL. Why Not Be A “Head Turner” When You Step Out?
  • A face shield, an item of personal protective equipment (PPE), aims to protect the wearer’s entire face (or part of it) from hazards such as flying objects and road debris, chemical splashes (in laboratories or in industry), or potentially infectious materials (in medical and laboratory environments).
  • Flobinna Face Shield Is Designed To Be A Comfortable, Wearable Barrier That Helps Shield Your Face, Mouth, & Eyes From Spray, Splatter, And The Direct Transfer Of Respiratory Droplets.
  • Our Face Shields Are Designed For Clear Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication And Comfort When Masks Or Stationary Sneeze Guards Are Not Practical.
  • They Are Made Of Transparent Recyclable And Waterproof PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate) And Is Suitable For Extended Wear.
  • A face shield is intended to protect the wearer’s partial or entire face and the eyes from hazards.
  • Flobinna Face Shield Is Covered With Beautiful & Colorful Fabrics Around The Edges.
  • They Are Made In The USA And Easy To Clean With Any Detergent, Which Is Reusable And Durable.
  • Flobinna Face Shield Users Should Still Practice Social Distancing, Just As They Would With A Face Mask.

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