How to Choose the Perfect Wallet

Choosing a wallet is a personal experience and an opportunity to express your personality and indulge in your taste. They can also say a lot about you, so why not stand out from the crowd? Combine style and practicality with Real Men’s Wallets and take a look at our guide on how to choose the perfect wallet!

Choose a Style of Wallet to Suit You

Once you’ve decided how many compartments you new wallet will need, and made sure that the product is made of high-quality , you can now choose a style of wallet to suit you. As mentioned, wallets are available in a wide range of styles including both natural tanned tones and vibrant colours, distressed vintage looks, classic, robust designs and extravagant details.

If you wear jeans most days, you may consider a lighter , as it is likely to soak in the denim colouring and create an authentic patina over time. For a more sophisticated look, choose a darker finish.

  • Make A Statement With This Light Weight, Beautiful, Colorful & Contemporary Leather Wallet.
  • Made From High Quality Cotton & Stitched By Hand.
  • Our Wallet Is Versatile & Can Be Used By Either Men Or Women.
  • It Is Both Functional & Distinctive In Your Everyday Life.
  • Has Enough Space To Carry Essential Cards & Cash.
  • This Wallet Is Pocket-Sized & Made For Those On The Go.
  • Comes With Six (6) Card Compartments & A Large Compartment For Cash.
  • Measures: 3.5 Inches By 4.5 Inches.
  • Each Wallet Is Handmade In Texas.
  • Crafted With Durable High Quality Materials.
  • Designing Our Premium Unisex Wallet Is A Meticulous Process, As We Have To Lay Out Our Artwork In Each Component.
  • Each Wallet Is Made From Different Cuts Of Fabric And Style, Therefore No Two Will Be Identical.
  • Care and cleaning: Hand Wash & Air Dry.

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