The benefits of Face Shields

One of the benefits of face shields is that they protect the entire face, including the eyes, which along with the nose and mouth can be a gateway for the coronavirus and other germs to enter the body. The plastic panel that hangs from the top of the forehead and extends below the chin prevents large respiratory droplets that are thought to carry the virus from reaching these areas of potential infection.

Face shields also reduce the likelihood that you’ll introduce virus-packed particles on your own — think of them as a dog cone for humans, says Gonzalo Bearman, M.D., a hospital epidemiologist and chair of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health. They keep you from touching “your hands

Similar to cloth face masks, which are everywhere these days — from high-end retail shops to convenience stores — face shields are also easy to find.

Face Shields Are Designed For Clear Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication And Comfort When Masks Or Stationary Sneeze Guards Are Not Practical.

Flobinna Face Shield Is Covered With Beautiful & Colorful Fabrics Around The Edges.

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