What women wears summer outfits?

The quality of fashion has been on the rise in any season fashion requirements remain high even in summer this is because clothes that are less sweaty, lighter and looser are chosen In hot weather, the demand for low and light clothes increases a lot So having comfortable clothes is a must the circle of fashion has taken over the whole world women in every country choose clothes of their choice that make them feel comfortable with the changing seasons every country’s fashion is different according to its culture, that’s why women all over the world fashion keeping in mind the weather this is how it is fashioned to go to a relative’s house somewhere and it is fashionable to attend a party or wedding ceremony fashion is also done in everyday life the clothes we choose every day are also included in fashion life cannot be lived without work and there is a lot of sweat which makes people feel confused so people wear clothes that can absorb sweat people in every country wear clothes according to their own traditions and preferences that are comfortable for them in the heat

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