COVID-19 impacts on Fashion World

COVID-19 the global problem every one endurance this epidemic. The whole world very distress due to COVID-19 lots of human life destroyed. There have been casualties, which has created fear among the people they were didn’t go out side the homeEvery second person makes social distance to other person because pandemic COVID-19 attacks person to person.This pandemic create biggest destruction for every aspects in world. Life many works and social activities totally stopped this year people fed up this situation when started COVID-19 many countries under the lockdown but during lockdown economics crisis increase and the education system badly damaged many office and companies factories work complete stopped even break every social many countries have been opened lockdown due to this situationThe economy is very secretive because of this virus. The fashion world has suffered greatly from the pandemic COVID-19 Worldwide fashion industries boutiques every fashion shops malls shutdown order to government AuthorityAll fashion designers and models works completely stopped fashion industries in gatherings social connection very necessaryto increase fashion ideas so during pandemic social gatherings are banned.The fashion industry is a place where people meet a lot because everyone exchange ideas and share own mind creativity about designs with each othersFashion world introduced new fashion every second week this department people can’t stop working but during pandemic fashion industries face difficulties in work. The fashion industry has suffered a lot during this epidemic

Lockdown:The cause of epidemic designers can’t organise fashion shows not opened fashion boutiques and many others activities can’t continue,When everything was banded around the world due to COVID-19, people wanted to continue their work to the housesWhen people became at risk of a economic crisis due to the epidemic, they went online started work and selling people makes masks hand-sanitizers and many other things for epidemic protection online sell things It was bought by many people at home and some people also did welfare

Sales:So designers that decided to start online work on internet these days social media marketing very important every second person start own business online. Pandemic COVID-19 situation in designers introduced different styles and designs face masks for human health protectionsThe fashion industries designers designed face masks customer choice and demand. People staying at home but easily purchases to online shopping they are very helpful of the worry people for the pandemicThere are many fashion industries that introduce clothes to suit the occasionSuch as wedding dresses summer and winter outfit but due to epidemic industries have not easily available fabrics they can’t manufactured easily outfits

Social Welfare:During the pandemic COVID-19 in global level many humble people stitched comfortable face masks hand-sanitizers freely distribute in people every streets and roadsThe designers contributed a lot to this good work. Fashion world models and artists also help poor people in epidemic. Many designers they sales dresses in less price for peopleThe designers help appreciated

AfterLockdown:Nowadays according to government orders diminish lockdown some work easy for people,After lockdown many industries and institute face economy crisis fashion industry also facing difficulties of work because long time start work very hardlyFashion designers and artists business down factories are ready to goods but some cities transport and airlines can’t opened Which makes it difficult to work. Designers can’t arrange showcase  the latest desgins for audience. These days can’t bearable loses but businessmen and worldwide fashion industries and artists face this condition badly every step of life pandemic COVID-19 has affected people life’s and routine1918 in pandemic influenza affected all world attacked badly on human life’s and now 2019 in December COVID-19 hit all the worldEvery human being in this world prays that everyone will get rid of this plague soon.

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