How A Man’s Suit Should Fit

How should a suit fit? I get this question a lot. For most men, a suit is a significant purchase. It’s also what we wear when impressions really matter like business meetings and weddings.

Get it right, and you look like the suave gentleman you know yourself to be. Get it wrong though and you look like a kid borrowing his dad’s clothes. You have to nail this, but how?

The truth is, the devil is in the detail. So what should you be paying attention to?

Gents, I’ve broken down this guide into the 8 key areas that if you get a great fit in will come together to guarantee your suit makes you look like a million bucks. Here they are:

  1. Shoulder
  2. Neck
  3. Chest and torso
  4. Jacket length
  5. Sleeve length
  6. Pitch
  7. Seat
  8. Trouser cuff
suit shoulder

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