Start with dry hair

You should start with completely dry hair before using a curling iron, flatiron, or curling wand. Putting any kind of heat on wet hair is going to be much more traumatic compared to when the hair is dry because the cuticle is completely open and exposed. You’re going to damage it more when it’s wet. All hot tools, including blow dryers – can make your hair weak. However, devices like curling irons apply heat directly onto your hair, which is why you should avoid using them on damp or wet hair. Keeping your hair as healthy as possible is important in achieving curls.

Use the right size and type of curling iron or wand

Different sizes of irons create different curl styles. For example, a 1.25-inch barrel provides softer curls that are larger in size, whereas a smaller one-inch barrel will give you smaller curls. Use a curling wand if you want that tousled beach wave style with a larger curl at the root and a tighter curl towards the end. Curling wands also have one benefit over a curling iron: They won’t leave clamp marks on your hair.

Use the lowest temperature on your curling iron if you can

Try to use the least amount of heat possible. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep your tool under 400 degrees. Of course, everyone’s hair is different. Generally speaking, people with fine hair require less heat to curl their hair compared to people with thick hair. You can change the temperature on many curling irons, but not all devices have this capability. If your device has this feature, it’s better to curl your hair at the lowest temperature setting on the iron. If your hair doesn’t curl at that setting, then gradually increase the heat until it does.

Always use a heat protectant

A heat protectant can act as a barrier between your hot tools and your hair. There are a variety of formulas that you can use on either dry hair or wet hair before blow drying. Before using any product, you’ll want to read the instructions to make sure that it’s suited for your particular use, hair type, and hot tools. For example, a product that only protects up to 300 degrees won’t be as effective if your curling iron is set to 400 degrees. And while we’re talking about heat protection, it’s a good idea to use a heat-protecting glove to keep your fingers safe, especially if you’re using a curling wand.

Section your hair for the style you want to achieve

Let’s talk about parting. It seems like a small detail, but the direction you part your hair can affect the final style. If you want volume, you’re going to take a horizontal section and curl while lifting from the root. But if you want a wavy look, use a vertical section. We recommend that people with thick hair types curl their hair using one-inch sections at a time. People with medium to fine hair types can use 1.5-inch sections of hair.

Learn how to hold the barrel properly

If you use a curling wand, we recommend holding it vertically with the narrowest end pointed down. However, you can hold a curling iron in different directions depending on your desired results. As we mentioned, hold it horizontally if you want more volume at the root or vertically if you want to produce a loose curl.

Don’t forget to use hairspray

Hairspray is essential for maintaining your style. We recommend using hairspray after your hair is curled because this keeps your style soft and bouncy. Using the product before will make hair crunchy.

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